Winter Blues vs Winter Builds

Don’t put your building plans on pause just yet because TF Systems’ Vertical Insulated Concrete System can be used throughout the winter months, even in Wisconsin.

Winter is coming soon, and with it comes snow in the breeze.  When that snow hits, people in the North can’t help but think of the impending cold months.

Due to this, many people put plans of building a home on pause come winter months because construction isn’t as feasible.  With traditional building methods, this can be true, but with TF Systems’ vertical ICF system, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


To get concrete ready for winter pours, cement is mixed with hot or warm water to reach a temperature of around 70°F.  As the cement cures within the insulated walls, it can reach temperatures of up to 130°F.  This is because the limestone is curing, burning off the excess water to solidify.  The concrete is insulated so it does not settle or shrink in the cold months.

What does this mean for homeowners?

Plans of that dream home, garage, deer stand, cabin, etc. do not have to be put on pause!  Homeowners do not have to wait for fair weather to make their dreams come true; they can start at any time of year.  Why not cure winter blues by watching your building design come to life?  This just means that come the fair-weather months, it’s time to decorate, not build!

What does this mean for contractors?

Bundle up because with these vertical ICF forms, there doesn’t need to be an off season.  Building may be cold, especially in Wisconsin, but TF Forming Systems is able to ensure that there can be work available all year long.